Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge Club - DNA/Helix Swirl

The challenge for Feb 2015 was to create the DNA/Helix swirl which is a variation of the Taiwan swirl.
Method - the three main steps are:
(1) laying down stripes of different colored soap on a contrasting base

(2) using a skewer is to pass back and forth perpendicular to the coloured stripes in a tight S pattern from one end of the soap to the other

(3) making larger S curves in the same direction as the tight S pattern to achieve the the DNA/Helix. This should reveal an hourglass-like pattern ... .

I made two attempts. The first is what I eventually chose for the challenge. The second attempt was meant to produce a 'better' swirl but as luck would have it I omitted step two by mistake - was simply absentminded! Both times I used a lovely scent called Tuscan Sun and chose colours that are reminiscent of the Tuscan landscape in Italy - green and yellow hills and fields, different shades of brown, sienna red and ochre. Perhaps a little too much but I just couldn’t leave any of them out. Making the swirl come out as it should turned out much harder than I’d hoped, but I’m sure with a bit of practice I’ll finally achieve the desired effect. For now, here’s my DNA swirl.

My second attempt ... minus step 2  :)

Freshly poured into mould

A few hours later ...

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