Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge - Dandelion Zebra Swirl

After last month's soap challenge organised by Amy of Great Cakes Soapworks, I was excited to give this next challenge a go - the original by Vinvela is absolutely beautiful! She's really talented - check out here blog here. So I studied Amy's tutorial and decided on four colours and a slow moving fragrance - Black Raspberry and Vanilla. I had hoped I'd have enough time to make a few batches and present the best of the lot, but as ALWAYS, I had no time whatsoever to do more than one batch. Compared to last month's gradient soap, I found this one easier and more fun to make, BUT I still have a lot of practising to do before I am truly happy with my results.
 My green mix (chromium oxide) and brown (mica) traced so much faster than the others which made pouring pretty difficult - I kept having to 'push' them down the 'slope', so I didn't quite get the 'smooth stripes' I'd hoped to achieve. Apart from that, I really enjoyed making this one and will definitely be returning to this technique.
I'm sure all the other soapers had as much fun as I did :). And I look forward to seeing all your results.

  Good luck everyone.

11 komentarzy:

  1. The soap came out lovely and so pretty--it reminds me of candy!

  2. I love it!! Sometimes those uneven textures can create very interesting and more artistic results!! :)

  3. Thank you, Amy :). For the kind words and for organizing this challenge.

  4. Wonderful soaps :) The oxides did the same thing with mine, I love the effect of yours!

  5. Beautiful!! And I love the swirls on top...