Great Cakes Soap Challenge - embeds

When I signed up for this Soap Club Challenge, I thought I'd have plenty of free time on my hands to practise a bit by making a few batches and then choose the prettiest of the lot :). Well, that was all just wishful thinking - like always, I just had time to make one batch!
I chose to go with Sensory Perfection's Bubblegum FO to make my challenge soap - the scent matches the design since the embeds look like gumballs! And boy does it smell yummy  - like the real thing :). I used micas to colour the soap balls (5 colours) and just added a few drops of TD to the main soap.

I have just had a look at all the other participants' soaps ... amazing work (I'm clapping)! So artistic ... really beautiful.
Amy, THANK YOU for organising yet another fun soap challenge. Looking forward to learning another new technique in the near future :).
Good luck to all!

6 komentarzy:

  1. Such a fun soap - and the gumballs look real (I know because my mouth is watering - honest!) great colors too!

  2. This soap is so happy looking!

  3. I love it!!! The soap balls are very uniform and colorful - just like gumballs!! :)

  4. How perfect for a bubble gum fragrance!!

  5. Gorgeous soaps!