Amy Warden's Soap Challenge - Mini Desserts

May’s soap challenge hosted by Amy Warden at Great Cakes Soapworks was all about making mini desserts. It was fun to do but I had a problem setting my mind to just four desserts. In the end I made about 8, perhaps more. Choosing which four to present was not easy! Here's what I finally chose to enter:

From left to right: chocolate and nut cake with a dollop of chocolate cream, crustless blackberry cheesecake, cherry-pistachio nougat and coconut cake with chocolate cream.

The blackberry cheesecake and nougat desserts were all made with whipped CP soap to give them a light, fluffy texture. They're going to float in the bath tub when used, which will make them fun to use :). The other two and all 'chocolate cream' are CP soap made using the regular method. Coconut milk was used in all the desserts.

1. choconut cake:
Food item used: coconut milk, cocoa powder. Scented with hazelnut toffee FO by Bramble Berry.
CP soap batter + cocoa powder. 

In go the 'nuts', i.e. chopped up vanilla soap pieces.
and ... viola!

2. crustless blackberry cheesecake:
 The fruit and sauce are all M&P plus liquid non-bleed soap colourant. the soap is made from whipped cp soap. Scented with non-discolouring vanilla.
whipped hard oils (palm oil, shea butter, coconut oil)
liquid oils added, whipping goes on ... lye added, more whipping.

finally, coconut milk and the last of the whipping.

colourant added to cake base
cake mix piped in

M&P fruit added
  The blackberry fruit is made up of transparent M&P soap. Some straight from the mould, others rolled and shaped into small cones while still warm and pressed into tiny sugar sprinkles. Once set, I poured on the M&P blackberry sauce scented with blackberry ice-cream fragrance (Sensory Perfection).


3. cherry & pistachio nougat.
The same batter as that used above. Non-discolouring vanilla used to scent batter.
my 'pistachio' was made from white M&P soap + non-bleed soap dye.

The cherries are red CP soap chopped into small pieces, the choc is vanilla scented soap .
choc pieces go into batter
and the pistachio

in go the cherries
nougat mix in the mould

unmoulded and cut to expose the inside

cut into bite-size pieces
4. coconut cake:
 This soap was scented with vanilla coconut FO blend and has finely ground dessicated coconut in and on it. Decorated with a vanilla chocolate cream dollop.


I made more 'goodies' but those above are the four I entered.
The others:

Marshmallows: decorated with M&P 'chocolate' soap and sprinkles
Whipped soap marshmallows:
  Mini CP cupcakes with vanilla cream and chocolate topping. Sprinkled with cocoa powder.
   These cupcakes are tiny!

 CP toffee soap.
I dipped these into chocolate CP soap
and this is what I got:
Then decorated it with a M&P berry.  

A mini vanilla-almond coconut cake. It took ages to set up (stayed very very soft for almost two full days and kind of lost shape because I handled it too early ...

 Thank you Amy for organising this. It was a fun challenge to do. Good luck to all fellow soapers who took on this challenge :).

10 komentarzy:

  1. I love your chocolate cake! It looks a lot like fudge to me. Well done!

    1. Hi Julie, and thank you. I like how the 'fudge' turned out, too. And it smells divine!

  2. Everything looks wonderful, and I agree the chocolate cake looks so fudgy and delicious! Well done!

  3. Everything looks so delicious!! I love how you made the blackberry cheesecake in a log mold and cut them down to size. Great idea! It all looks very realistic - well done!!

    1. Thanks, Amy. The log mould was actually improvised and small (12cm x 6cm) made from cardboard paper. I like how it turned out and might try making something similar again, someday :).

  4. These all look good enough to East, especially the nougat!

  5. My goodness, your details (such as the pistachois and toffee) look so real, and the desserts all look so delicious! Great job!

  6. Thank you, Cee! It means a lot coming from you :).