Great Cakes Soapworks Soap Challenge - Ebru Technique

For this month's soap challenge, I chose to go 'floral'. This is probably because most of the Ebru designs I liked most had flowers in them. Deciding on what to 'mimic' was very difficult since there is a lot out there to look at! Eventually, I after what seemed like ages of searching on the internet, I settled for this Ebru inspiration found here -

And this is my entry, my attempt at making a similar Ebru design with more flowers scattered around:

The wet soap - picture taken just after I finished decorating the top:

and this after 24 hours, uncut:

close-up view

I used a slow moving recipe and scented it with May Chang essential oil. Colours: used TD, activated charcoal and yellow pop mica for the flowers. I'd expected to have more time to do them, but halfway through the process, the batter had started to get pretty thick. Still, I somehow managed to finish without making a mess of things. All in all, I'm quite happy with how this one's turned out - which is why I entered this particular soap.

Which isn't to say I stopped there ... no!! I was hooked! I chanced upon some poppy flowers blooming in a field close to where I live and I took some photos of them, hoping to use the scenery as my inspiration.

Then I found an Ebru picture of tulips and yellow flowers in a field

and thought it would be slightly easier to 'draw' tulips than poppy flowers, so I chose it and made an attempt at creating something that was meant to be 'somewhat similar'. Hhmm ... can't say I was too happy with this one ;).

My third attempt was soap with a dark, black background and two colourful roses on it ...

This one is scented with Frangipani FO (from Gracefruit UK) which behaved unexpectedly well! It has a colourful swirl inside - I wonder how that will turn out?! I'm very happy with how this one looks - black seems to really bring out other colours well! Was tempted to enter this but didn't, simply because it was done yesterday, without any 'inspirational' picture, and I didn't have time to browse the internet for any picture to attach next to it before the link-up deadline.

Amy, thanks again for another very interesting challenge. Thanks to it, this technique has really caught my attention and I'm already toying around with the idea of getting myself a marbling kit and learning how to imprint designs on items of clothing using Ebru ... like a silk scarf, perhaps?
Thanks to all visitors for stopping by :).

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  1. Oh your soaps are fantastic, Caroline!! I had to go back and look at your entry soap (I really love the black and yellow color palette, as evidenced by my own batch!). And the roses! They look exactly like the Ebru ones! Truly beautiful work on all of them!

  2. Thank you, Amy :). For your encouraging words and for organising this soap challenge.

  3. Love your work - all the soaps are so pretty. It must have been difficult to select which one you wanted to enter. Just beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Bonnie for your kind words. Yes, making a choice wasn't easy and it was done in a bit of a hurry ... but I am quite content with my final decision :).

  4. I must have been difficult to choose just one entry soap... They are beautiful, all of them. Congrats 😊